Expand the screen, turn up the volume and enjoy the 2021 Gala Awards 
Meet Our 2021 Breast Cancer Thriving Honorees
DSC_1247 - Copy  Paula 2.JPG
Paula Flory
DSC_1252 - Copy Marie.JPG
Marie Althouse
DSC_1263 - Copy Tania.JPG
Tania Turner
DSC_1275 - Copy Celeste.JPG
Celeste Giancola
DSC_1265 - Copy TaJuana.JPG
Tajuana Allen 
DSC_1278 - Copy Angelina.JPG
Angelina Sims
DSC_1284 - Copy Veronica.JPG
Veronica Adams-Grimsley
Event Photos
The below photos are from 4 photographers and are in no particular order, therefore you will see duplicates. We are still adding photos so check back if you don't see yours. Also please note at some point we will delete the duplicates, so feel free to take snapshots of your favorites using your cell phone. 
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