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Born in Newark, New Jersey, to Ada Ann Watson Hood, Missouri is the third youngest of seven siblings. She is the mother of four wonderful children who are the wind beneath her wings, and a very proud grandmother, aka, Nana. Missouri considers herself blessed to have so many good friends that love, appreciate, and believe in her. She had a challenging childhood, being raised in the inner-cities. She gives thanks to her mother for being the force in her life and God for being the source of her life.

​At a very young age Missouri dreamed of producing and directing a Broadway showcase. After attending an Ebony Fashion Show in the mid-’80s, and meeting the late great Mrs. Eunice Johnson, her dream became real and she was inspired to pursue a career in fashion. In 1984 she competed in a Designer Competition and won First Place—a trip to Paris! This set the pace for her career as a Fashion Designer and Producer. From 1984 to today, Missouri has participated in and produced hundreds of shows.

She’s a Visionary, Stylist and Entertainment Designer with a very distinct point of view. Missouri has created a path “her way” into the style and entertainment industries. She was awarded “Female Entrepreneur of the Year” for her commitment to achieving personal success and empowering success in others.

And now you can add, Author to the list.

Her first BOOK


(“Subtitle" to be revealed) will be available for pre-sale soon! 

Here's an insert from her book:

"Writing this book has been a healing for me in many ways. What I now see is the “ONE” was an instrument, to assist in writing the music to my songs, the words to my stories, the scripts to my plays, and the inspiration, drive, and determination to move my life forward. The “ONE” was chosen to point me in the direction of my soul’s journey.


The fire still burns but it’s a different kind of fire. The LOVE still lives inside of me, but my eyes are wide open and everything is crystal clear. When I look out that window I see a beautiful unscarred soul looking back; when I look out that window I see a woman standing in happiness and joy; when I look out that window I see the spirits of my Mother, my Grandma Jane, Mr. Shorty and my Godmother looking back smiling and saying, “All is well, you did good …you’re doing good, girl!” And that’s ohhh such sweet music to my ears."

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