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Missouri, the Visionary, Designer, Artist, Author...  


As a visionary, producer, designer, author, artist, mentor, and Breast Cancer Inspirational & Upliftment Leader, I proudly hail from Newark, New Jersey. I hold the esteemed position of New Jersey State Chair, USA, for Oneness & Wisdom, under the auspices of ALL Ladies League.


I titled my first book "My Journey to STYLETAINMENT: A Life Stitched Together" because my life has truly been a creative endeavor. From designing for shows, serving clients, nurturing my family, producing the show, to crafting something out of nothing, I have stitched together the intricate fabric of my existence. Through the ups and downs, triumphs and setbacks, I've relied on the art of stitching to hold everything together, maintaining composure in one place.


Now, the time has come to exhale, release those stitches and allow the journey to unfold organically. I am giving you the best of me —amazing…amazing. Life truly is amazing and I am so bless to share it with you.


I sincerely hope that you will love and enjoy my work. As we continue to evolve, I will be adding more to enrich our journey together.


May blessings and love be bestowed upon all!

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