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The story begins with a young girl growing up with a burning desire to express her talents through the art of fashion and entertainment. Later in her years, she'd discover that she had breast cancer and it would change her life forever... In the best way!

It all began in 1965, Prince Street Projects, Newark, NJ on Christmas day after receiving a Barbie Doll as a gift from her Mother. The young girl was dissatisfied that Barbie only came with the clothes on her back. After collecting the fabric scraps from her mother’s sewing room, she decided to make a wardrobe for her Barbie. As the young girl listened to her mother’s music, dancing with her Barbie, she began to create and coordinate dramatic scenes on a self-made cardboard runway. She envisioned herself directing a successful Broadway show. She imagined Barbie wearing her creations of couture ensembles with a dramatic flair.


The Show, A Cancer Survivors Story is a story about a cancer survivor's determination, admiration, and gratitude to live strong, even in the face of difficulties. And to support and inspire those in their struggle against cancer. As the story unfolds you'll witness an amazing and talented cast of models, dancers, actors, musicians, poets, and more... it’s NEW…It’s EXCITING…It’s TANTALIZING and INSPIRING and it will have you on the edge of your seat and it's all about the VISION the PASSION and the MUSIC. 


"God has given me a second chance...creating this show is a life-long dream...while going through chemo, I took on being UNSTOPPABLE  to create and produce this first production. The Show. This is truly one of the most beautiful, amazing, and exciting productions with an inspirational and uplifting story from a unique point of view. This show is a tribute to all women that have been inflicted with this disease. From my heart, I thank all the many women and men that have dedicated their lives towards finding a cure so I that I could be granted GRACE to continue my journey here and make a difference in the lives of others." -says Missouri.

This story is about faith, perseverance, self-determination, and a little girl who dared to dream and held on to her dreams, regardless of how it looked, felt, who left or stayed and learned... Never give up on you!!!

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