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STYLETAINMENT is a dynamic and innovative force in the world of entertainment. With a passion for creativity and a dedication to excellence.

 STYLETAINMENT brings together the realms of style, artistry, and storytelling to deliver captivating and visually stunning stage productions.

With a reputation for delivering extraordinary and transformative experiences, STYLETAINMENT has established itself as a trailblazer in the entertainment industry. By seamlessly blending style and entertainment, the company has redefined the boundaries of traditional productions, leaving audiences captivated, inspired, and hungry for more.

Beyond the stage, STYLETAINMENT aims to inspire and engage with their audience in meaningful ways. The company actively seek to foster a sense of inclusivity, hosting workshops, events, and educational initiatives that encourage artistic exploration and empower individuals to embrace their unique creative potential. 

STYLETAINMENT is an innovative force with a unique point of view, that continues to explore what is possible in the realm of style and entertainment.


​The company's first production, The Show, A Cancer Survivors Story premiered in 2012. It is a narration in movement, telling the powerful story of a cancer survivor’s determination to live her life with strength and gratitude in the face of extraordinary difficulties‐‐and her ultimate triumph. It is about the faith, perseverance and self‐determination of a little girl who dared to dream.

the film
The facts


Weaving together a poetic tapestry of blissfulness through the universal language of music, fashion and dance, The Show, A Cancer Survivors Story takes the audience on an uplifting and inspirational journey of tremendous beauty, style, fantasy, mystery, seduction and creative energy.

The extraordinary two-hour performance showcases a variety of distinct vignettes brought to life by an exceptional cast of talented actors, models, dancers, singers, poets and musicians. With dazzling animated backdrops on a full theater stage, it is presented in an avant‐garde and entertaining fashion. The audience will also get a glimpse into the creative minds of the show's producers through a 10‐15 minute special performance.


The mission


Rather than pure entertainment, The Show, A Cancer Survivors Story is also a powerful platform that aims to bring awareness to the desperate needs of homeless women with cancer‐‐a plight that the creator of the show, Missouri, experienced first‐hand while battling cancer. It is her hope that one day, there will be “A Place Called Home,” where these women can live while going through treatments and healing, and become productive and proud citizens once again.

The Show, A Cancer Survivors Story has been performed at MetLife Stadium, The Prudential Center, Queens Theater, The Howard Theater, The Ritz Theater, SOPAC and more... It is well on its way to joining the high ranks of renowned entertainment productions... and this is just the beginning!

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